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“Indirect goods and services are low-dollar, high volume purchases that account for 30% to 35% of expenditures at manufacturing organizations and 60% or more of spending at service-oriented firms.

Maverick buying practices make it difficult for organizations to track expenditures and ensure compliance with corporate contracts, resulting in 15% to 27% higher prices for indirect goods and severely limiting the ability for organizations to negotiate favored trading terms with suppliers.”

– Aberdeen Group
Reduce direct and indirect purchasing costs,
increase control over business transactions, and
streamline the employee management and procurement processes
WorkPlace eProcurement is a robust web-based Procurement solution that allows organizations to automate the complete procure-to-pay cycle – from product selection, requisitioning, approval and ordering to delivery, receipt and financial settlement.  The suite includes applications for requisitioning, PunchOut via cXML, check request, budget compliance, RFQ, purchase order generation, receiving, invoice matching and vendor contract enforcement with approval workflow throughout the entire process.
With an eProcurement solution in place, organizations empower their users throughout the enterprise:
  • Requesters get the convenience and efficiency of easy self-service for requisitions and check requests
  • Managers are able to manage by exception and accelerate approvals with automated workflow
  • Buyers can focus on building strategic supplier relationships to reduce costs
  • Payables maintains control over expenditures
  • Eliminate error-prone paper-based processes
  • Reduce requisition-to-order costs and cycle time
  • Control maverick spending
  • Manage by exception - ensure that your purchases adhere to your policies
  • Ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance with a complete audit trail of transactions
  • Enable your procurement professionals to focus on strategic tasks
Huge savings are what prompt companies to invest in eProcurement.  These savings come not only from more rational decisions, but also from simplified purchasing processes and lower transactions costs.  A company can expect to save between 5% and 15% of their total procurement spend and start seeing results in six to nine months.  A company that spends $500 million a year could save between $40 million and $60 million annually.
  Traditional/Manual eProcurement
Price of materials and services - 5% to 10% reduction
Purchase and fulfillment cycles 7.3 days 2 days
Administrative costs $107 per order requisition $30 per order requisition
Inventory Costs - 25% to 50% reduction

- Source: Aberdeen Group

Universal Procurement
WorkPlace eProcurement can be used to streamline the acquisition of all types of goods and services, both the direct procurement of raw materials and production goods, and the indirect procurement of maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) supplies as well as capital goods and services.
Powerful User Requisition Entry
WorkPlace eProcurement offers a user-friendly, web-based way to submit requisitions that increases productivity and satisfaction.  WorkPlace eProcurement acts as the web-based front office component of your existing purchasing system.  With integrated cXML PunchOut capabilities, employees are empowered to shop your vendor catalogs for production and non-production requirements without changing their shopping habits.  They can define their requisition requirements by searching vendor catalogs or by using several user defined fields to enter non-standard items.  Requisition Baskets can speed the creation of new requisitions and provide greater process control by eliminating redundant data entry.  A flexible and easy-to-use internet search system helps users find the data they are looking for quickly, and on-line context-sensitive help is available at all times.
Approval Routing
WorkPlace eProcurement includes an easy-to-use approval interface that even the casual system user can operate with little training.  The approval screen makes it easy for managers to quickly review the requisitions in their queue.  On-line drill-down options allow approvers to review requisitions at a summary or line-item level.  Approvers can click within their notification messages to open the easy-to-use approval system, preloaded with the items in their queue.  Email notifications ensure timely approval and employee event notification through an entirely paperless system.
Configurable Approval Control
WorkPlace eProcurement offers configurable business rule-driven application functionality that can be tailored to how you do business using a flexible, easy to administer approval routing system based on your business rules.  The approval system can handle any approval structure and organizational hierarchy.  User profiles can be used to control what data employees have access to, which information is required to create a requisition and to limit the amount and type of spending.  User profiles act like a desktop manager, ensuring your business rules are enforced throughout the procurement process.  WorkPlace eProcurement can use employee and department relationships together with requisition line item attributes such as price, item commodity and budget status to control approval routing.  You can enforce departmental, divisional and corporate approvals with multilevel approval lists, and there is no limit on the number of levels of approval.
Comprehensive Status Monitoring
A simple and intuitive user dashboard concept enables employees to see their current activities at a glance.  Employees and approvers can view the status of a requisition on-line and in real-time throughout its lifetime from entry to approval to final processing.  Employees and approvers can receive email-based alerts and reminders for Pending Approvals, Approved, Disapproved and Processed enabling them to keep as informed as desired.  Intuitive Navigation Controls allow for easy viewing of current and archived requisitions.  Administrators can add custom reports and enable controlled report access by user.
Global Business with Multicurrency and Multi-language Capabilities
WorkPlace eProcurement is a true enterprise-class solution that can support your global business.  Fully integrated multicurrency and multi-language support means that employees can transparently requisition from suppliers in multiple countries, increasing sourcing flexibility and reducing costs.
ERP System Integration
WorkPlace eProcurement incorporates requisition entry interfaces that enable you to work in a real-time environment and leverage your investment in your existing accounting or ERP system.
Enhanced Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Under Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley, companies must document all internal processes that could affect the bottom line.  These can include the flow of work related to travel expenses, accounts payable, procurement and even quality assurance.  Sarbanes-Oxley also demands that companies identify possible risks - such as the potential for fraud or substandard parts, create controls to mitigate each threat, and document those controls.  WorkPlace eProcurement provides tight process control over, and documentation of, the entire procurement process.
Designed for Enterprise-Wide Compatibility
WorkPlace eProcurement is written entirely in Microsoft .NET making our web-based functionality easy to deploy across the entire enterprise.  Clustered web server support enables larger installations to improve efficiency.  An integrated procurement document repository ensures that all procurement documents are retained and accessible.  Tight integration with the underlying Microsoft SQL relational database delivers scalability and fast transaction processing.
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Intuitive User Dashboard
Intuitive user dashboard where users can at a glance view the status of all current activities from requisition all the way to matching
Intuitive Requisitioning Interface
Intuitive requisitioning interface is easy enough for all levels of users
Flexible Approval Routing System
Flexible, easy to administer approval routing system based on your business rules
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Control Users’ Experience and Capabilities by specifying which fields are Visible, Hidden, Read-only and Defaulted
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